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Saturday April 20 2019 

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2018 All Channel League Teams include Eddie Pacula, Dylan Burns, and Oscar Mariscal
May 10, 2018, 9:01 pm

Parent Volunteer Positions
Jan 25, 2018, 8:58 am

must have--> Treasurer (1-2 Parents): Serving as a third-party, manage all incoming and outgoing funds for the boys volleyball program including collecting season donations as well as communicate directly with ASB.

must have--> Snack Bar Manager or Team  (1-3 Parents):  Purchase inventory for our Snack Bar (coordinate with Treasurer) and manage our snack bar parent volunteer schedule.

must have--> Team Banquet Coordinator (1-2 Parents):  Coordinate our Team Banquet at Arroyo Verde Park by emailing parents what to bring like Food, Drinks, Flowers, Spike Ball, Portable Microphone and Speaker, etc.

Team Parents (1-2 Parents Per Team): Team Parents provide any additional support for their son's team from running to get food during a tournament, to hosting a team dinner.

Photographer/Videographer (1-2 Parents): Taking pictures or video of our volleyballers in action at Tuttle and on the road.


Pizza Runners will use the snack bar cash box to pay for pizzas

Please contact our Snack Bar Manager regarding schedule changes